B-17 Flying Fortress

The picture you see is my father a WWII B-17 Pilot that flew 26 missions with the 8th Air force.  The damage shown occurred shortly after take off from England from another B-17 coming down from above in heavy fog and crushed the rudder as you can see.  With the Flying Fortress fully loaded with bombs the crew went on to complete their 26th mission.  That picture was on the front page of most major newspapers across the USA.  The story of men like my father and the B-17 crews of the 8th Air Force can be seen on Apple TV+ “Masters of the Air”.  B17 Drone Services is dedicated to all combat veterans that paid the ultimate price for our freedoms.

I am a FAA licensed unmanned aircraft certified pilot, and a licensed, bonded and insured California Contractor CCL# 510643. I have physically inspected 1000’s of rooftop vent caps, valleys, gutters, and other areas that if not properly maintained are the precursor to more serious problems like dry rot and leaking roofs.  Typically these problems take years to develop are not identified until the water starts coming through your ceiling.

Our mission is to record video and still photos of your rooftop not only to identify problems before they become chronic, but to give you a certified visual as a 3rd party source to deter your insurance company from using their aerial images to ditch your property from being insured.

My father was an officer, a gentlemen, a man of Honor, Respect and Integrity.  B17 Drone Services carries forth those values as we will deliver prompt service at a fair price.